About Knee Replacement Surgery
Types of Knee Replacements
First Consultancy
Conditons for Knee Replacement
Preparation for Surgery
Types of Implants
Post Operative Treatment
After Surgery
Exercise Program After Surgery
After Discharge from Hospital
Risks & Complications
Investigations :

If you are advised knee replacement surgery you may require to undergo :

  • Evaluation of status of your teeth, ear, nose, throat and kidneys to rule out hidden infection
  • X-ray of your chest.
  • ECG, 2D echo

Investigations as follows:

  • CBC, ESR, Blood sugar fasting and after lunch.
  • Blood group and Rh factor
  • Kidney function tests, Liver function tests.
  • Test for HIV.
  • Test for Australia Antigen.
  • Test to rule out Hepatitis C.
  • Routine examination of your stool and urine.
  • Special tests if indicated.

After assessing your reports, you will be referred to a physician for medical fitness, and to the anesthetist for evaluation.

Prior to surgery, you will be familiarized with the exercises, which you will be required to do after the surgery.