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Operations :

If the surgery is scheduled for the morning, be ready after brushing your teeth. You will be taken to the operation theatre at the time, which will be informed the previous night.

If your surgery is scheduled for afternoon, you may be allowed tea/coffee and light breakfast early morning of the operation day.

Some medicines may be required to be taken by mouth on the morning of surgery with few sips of water and some injections may be administered prior to being taken to the operation theatre.

At the appointed time, you will be taken to the operation theatre.

While being taken to the operation theatre, please remember:

  • To remove contact lenses.
  • To remove spectacles.
  • To remove jewellery.
  • Not to carry cash or valuables.

In the operation theatre, the anesthetist would connect you to various monitors and check-up your heart, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. Before starting the anesthesia, an intravenous line in the forearm will be taken to administer various medications.

As discussed previously you will be administered the anesthesia most suitable for you. If it is going to be Epidural anesthesia, you will be made to sit and your lower back will the cleansed with an antiseptic solution. Then after numbing your skin, a thin tube will be inserted in your back with the help of a special needle.

Once you are anaesthetised, a catheter may be put to ease passing urine.

The actual preparation for the operation consists of thorough cleansing of the leg and covering it with sterile drapes.